A few of our favorite.. grosgrain ribbons

A few of our favorite.. grosgrain ribbons

Posted by Shannon on Jun 22nd 2015

Just added to the shop, a few of my very favorite grosgrain printed ribbons. Including the extra rare Navajo turquoise with hot pink dot grosgrain that I absolutely love. I wish I could find more of this ribbon!

I also can't get enough of the metallic printed ribbons. The gold swirl is especially gorgeous.

All these ribbons make fantastic hair bows. Each of the printed ribbon item details includes a list of the solid ribbon colors that match. So, you know just the right ribbons to buy to make those big layered over the top bows ;)

Speaking of solid grosgrain, I can't wait to start adding it to the shop. I have many colors to come, all Offray because it is, in my opinion, the very best solid grosgrain for making hair bows.

Also coming soon, are the grosgrain ribbon kits. So many things to do in July lol!