How to make chunky bubblegum necklaces with elastic

How to make chunky bubblegum necklaces with elastic

Posted by Shannon on Mar 25th 2016

Chunky bubblegum bead necklaces are so popular with little girls right now! With the right supplies, a tiny bit of help from Mom, and a couple of tricks, this kids' craft will be a hit at your next birthday party.

My Chunky necklace party kit includes everything you need to make 10 elastic necklaces: 200 20mm bubblegum beads, 200 spacer beads, 10 strands of high quality elastic, and 10 heart toggle clasps. Each necklace uses about 19 big beads and 20 small beads and results in an 18" necklace.

The trick to making an elastic necklace that will last is first, using a high quality elastic like the elastic that comes in my kit. Cheap elastic will not hold a knot at all, unravelling right away and resulting in some frustrated kiddos!

The second trick to this necklace is to tie a double overhand knot. This is just your standard looping knot (like a knot you would make to tie your shoe) but before you pull the end of the string and tighten the knot, loop the end piece through the hole one extra time.

You can prep for the party by tying one end of each elastic string to one heart toggle. Use your fingernail to pull the knot tight. Or you can demonstrate for the kids how to tie the double overhand knot and have them tie the elastic themselves. 

After the knot is tied, do not cut the end piece of the elastic yet. First thread a small spacer bead and a large bead onto your necklace. Then, run the loose end piece of the elastic through these first couple beads and then trim. Some kids may need a little help threading the elastic back through the spacer beads.

Continue threading large bubblegum beads and spacer beads onto the necklace. Using spacer beads ensures that the necklace will lay nicely when worn and not show gaps in between the big beads.

At the end of the necklace thread the bar of the toggle clasp onto the elastic.

Tie another double overhand knot

Pull the toggle bar towards the beads with one hand while you tighten the elastic by pulling the end piece straight up with the other hand.

Don't mind my dried up wrinkly hands, that's what happens when you spend all day making jewelry and hair bows lol ;P

Pull the knot tight against the bar with your fingernail. Run the end of the elastic back through the first few beads again.

The last trick to ensure a long lasting necklace, is to send the kids off to play while you lightly coat each elastic knot with clear fingernail polish. This just helps re-enforce those knots.

Now send each party girl home with her very own handmade bubblegum necklace!